How to apply

How to apply?


Starting from 2022 April 3rd Week Monday onwards and it will end in July 1st week – April 18 – July 8.

Student Application

25 plus subjects taught (each for 2 to 3 days), with good printed notes! It is a very good programme for being equipped for BASIC MINISTRY & LEADERSHIP! Also it could serve as a great refresher programme for the Pastors who are in Ministry already!

This TRAINING will carry a strong emphasis on REVIVAL (highlighting Chennai Revival process) &  the importance of PRAYER MOVEMENT for REVIVAL, besides the sharing of the basic concept of Community Transformation!

Course Cost:

For Day-Scholars (LIVE-OUT STUDENTS) It is Rs. 9000 (can have breakfast & lunch daily)!  

For Hostelers (LIVE-IN STUDENTS), it is Rs. 15,000 (have all 3 meals & accommodation)


  1.  This is a subsidised fee!  It costs us Rs. 30,000 for us (per student), to run this programme (the way we run it & with the kind of environment, resources & facilities we provide)! 
  3.  Usually, Special Guest Lecturers flown in from New Zealand & Malaysia just to teach certain subjects! Now, due to travel restrictions, will have good local lecturers! 
  4. Quality NOT compromised in anything (be it the environment of class, teaching notes, choice of lecturer or hostel facility)!

It is a programme that would highlight the following ...

  1. The Importance of local church commitment! 
  2. Functioning Role of all Believers in a local church! 
  3. Cell Based ministry dynamics!
  4. Word & Spirit balance! 
  5. Gifts & Character balance! 
  6. Challenge for Missions! 
  7. City Reaching Vision!

SHORT Term (12 weeks) Bible Course in Chennai, in Tamil.

This is a programme that has been in existence since 2001 (although, the Bible School started in 1999). Rev. Kalyan heads this Training Institution called, HARVEST TRAINING INSTITUTE.  All subjects are taught by experienced and reputed teachers, Quality printed notes given, Air-Conditioned Classroom, individual tables, practical-ministry based syllabus and hostel facilities available for both genders.  Only 50 seats available for each Course!

Contact :

  9720 22 9720
  8960 85 8960