“Growing disciples to reach the world for Christ.”

Our Vision

HARVEST CHURCH INDIA is the official page of HARVEST APOSTOLIC MINISTRIES and HARVEST CHURCH, led by Pastor Kalyan. Harvest Apostolic Ministries was established in 1998 and it is a wholistic Christian Ministry, largely focussing on Training Church Leaders and Planting Churches.
Currently Harvest Ministries has a staff team of over 150 across the country and it has trained over 1000 church leaders through a structured programme. Besides that, through several Equipping Seminars and Conferences have trained several 1000s.

The 3 Fold Vision of Harvest Apostolic Ministries are:

  • LOCALITY VISION:  To establish integrated ministries of Outreach, Service and Discipleship, encompassing the whole of South Chennai, with a Vision to saturate it with the love of Jesus and transform it.
  • LEADERSHIP VISION: To identify, recognize, equip and release gifted individuals into leadership for effective Christian service.
  • MISSIONS VISION: To establish cell churches throughout India and surrounding countries focussing on key cities, villages and unreached peoples.